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Welcome to the home of women's fiction that makes your heart race!

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A sunny beach and blue sea.

 'The perfect escapist holiday read' ― Glamour 

Yuri Khordinsky — the all-powerful billionaire...

Whatever he wants, he gets. But this time he's crossed the wrong women. Meaning now it's revenge time. Female style.

Coming from very different worlds, these three women have every reason to distrust each other when their lives unexpectedly collide...

But what if Yuri's about to discover that hell hath no fury like three women scorned?

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'Heaven-sent for sunbathing' Heat 

Women's Secrets  is an exciting collection of stand-alone bestselling contemporary women's novels by Jo Rees, featuring smart female lead characters. Packed with Jo’s trademark mix of page-turning, twisty, escapist plots, and peppered with excitement and mystery, these books are written to make your heart race, and draw you into a maze of untold family secrets, suspicion, complex romance, infidelity, deception and psychological suspense.

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Her Secret Rival cover by bestselling mystery romance author Jo Rees
Her Secret Desire cover by bestselling mystery romance author Jo Rees
A sunny beach and sea

'An epic page-turner' —

Two sisters separated at birth by the flip of a coin...


One enters a life of privilege. The other must fight to survive.


But with their paths unknowingly crossing in a tangle of secrets and mystery, will they ever discover the truth about who they really are?

Or could they destroy each other first?

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'A riveting rollercoaster, full of intrigue, high-stakes drama and compelling characters' ― Hello! 

'Drama every page. It's freakin' ace' ― Heat 

A mysterious silver key is delivered to five random people...


They're promised that – if used wisely – it can unlock a door to luxury and privilege beyond their wildest dreams... and love and romance too...


But with their deepest desires fulfilled... could their darkest secrets also be about to be revealed?

Out June 1st 2023!

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A sunny beach and blue sea
Her Secret Rival book cover by bestselling mystery romance author Jo Rees

Out November 2nd 2023!

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Her Secret Desire book cover by bestselling mystery romance author Jo Rees

Out April 4th 2024!

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